Do It Yourself Kits

shaknspray.gif Duracoat Shake 'N Spray Finishing Kit #SNS $34.95

The Duracoat Shake 'N Spray Finishing Kit includes 4 oz of Duracoat, TrueStrip Cleaner/Degreaser and a Preval Aerosal Sprayer. This Kit allows you to apply Duracoat like an aerosol! No need for an airbrush or other spray equipment. Now you can refinish your firearm as easy as 1-2-3 with the exclusive Prep "N Spray system. All you need to do is to degrease with the enclosed TruStrip and scrubbing pad, mix your Duracoat in the provided jar, and spray! Kits are available in all Duracoat Standard and Tactical colors.

Colors marked * must be topcoated with DuraCoat Clear. Colors marked ** require a base coat of DuraCoat 21-White. DuraCoat Clear and DuraCoat 21-White are not included in the kit and must be purchased separately!
ezwaycamo.gif DuraCoat EasyWay Camo Kit #EWCK $69.95

DuraCoat EasyWay Camo Kits include four 2 oz DuraCoat colors, LCW TruStrip Cleaner/DeGreaser, DuraCoat Reducer, a Preval Aerosol Sprayer, Cut Rite Camo Stencils, and an instructional DVD specific to each pattern. No need for any additional spray equipment. Everything you need to create durable, protective and effective camo pattern is included in this kit. To create even more sheen, apply a top coat of DuraCoat Clear (sold separately).

DuraCoat EasyWay Camo Kits are available in: Barbed Wire, Skulls, Underbrush, Flame, ACU, Air Force ABU, Navy NWU, CADPAT, British DPM, Advanced Tiger Stripe, Desert MirageFlage, Wilderness MirageFlage, and Urban MirageFlage
Shake and Bake Kit.gif DuraCoat Shake 'N Bake Finishing Kit #SNB $34.95

The DuraCoat Shake 'N Bake Finishing Kit includes 6 oz of aerosol DuraBake Enamel and 6 0z aerosol TrueStrip Cleaner/Degreaser. TrueStrip cuts all gunk and grease, and is ideal for use as a cleaner prior to refinishing. DuraBake Enamel is extremely durable, oven cured, and can be applied in as little as 15 minutes. DuraBake can be used on ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys and plastic.

Colors marked ** require a base coat of DuraCoat 21-White. DuraCoat 21-White is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately!
DCaerosol.gif DuraCoat Aerosol $34.95

Finally! DuraCoat in an Aerosol Can! Unique can-within-a-can technology provides the hardener right inside the can. No more measuring and mixing. Just release the hardener and shake. Provides protection against rust and corrosion, plue excellent UV protection. Can be applied to all types of metal, plastic and wood. Can also be applied to bare metal, parkerizing, anodizing, and bluing. The can remains useable for up to 48 hours. DuraCoat Aerosol is available in all Standard DuraCoat Colors * - Color requires a topcoat of DuraCoat Clear ** - Color requires a base coat of #21 White (must be purchased separately).

Colors shown with ** require a base coat of DuraCoat #21 White, which must be purchased separately.